tasteless creations


Working closely with Tasteless Creations ltd, what started as a packaging design service turned into a full collaborative effort to get the game launched and onto the market. Quests and Encounters is a fast and exciting role playing card game, and we were tasked with designing packaging solutions and linking tasteless creations with a  trusted supplier. 


As part of a multi-tiered reward system for Kickstarter, we designed the lower and top tier packaging for the game to be supplied in, enticing collectors and potential new buyers, with an emphasis on rustic aesthetics and themed role play. 

We designed the base box to be versatile, hard-wearing but of course fun! We sourced thicker and higher quality playing cards, and tactile moulded coins that look fantastic and can stand the test of time. The box illustrations encompass everything the game is about. 


Our involvement did not stop at the package design and creation however, we had a lot of fun experimenting with a rough and ready prototype of the game getting an understanding of the play-style and the users who will play it. , we sourced voice actors for the promotional video, as well as lead the strategy and pricing points for the future iterations of the game. 


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