Hortus was designed and developed to answer the growing trend of personal produce growing and lack of space. The result revolutionises the modern allotment as well as how we grow produce at home. As a nominee for the New Designers 2017 innovation award, Hortus uses green space on a individual and societal basis, and continues to show how product design has farther reaching positives that can be seen on the surface. 



We found allotments in the United Kingdom have remained virtually unchanged since the First World War, but over a century later, land is more valuable than ever and unfortunately, in a time we begin to see resource scarcity even in food supplies, allotment and growing spaces are on the decline. We wanted to investigate first hand what could be done to save allotments, use space more effectively and furthermore, find out how to get more people involved in horticulture. 


Our proposed solutions evolved into a modern shed that’s function was to harbour sustainable power (unheard of in a traditional allotment) that  in turn powers a hydroponic wall.

Hortus was developed to take influence and inspiration from both British and Scandinavian traits, creating a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. Made of a sustainably sourced Scottish Larch, the new modern allotment has a beauty not found in its predecessors. The interior is fully customisable and can be configured to the owner’s personal preferences. 

The hydroponic and water butt wall has been designed and developed to reduce efforts for the user, requiring little attention to grow produce effectively. As a result, even new users can get to grips with the process of growing through the use of self containing nests for the plants. 

The water butt is designed to hold around 426L of rainwater, enough for the driest months in the United Kingdom. Around 300L is needed for an average UK garden every summer


Hortus Cover


Hortus can be implemented in allotments across the country and abroad. A reduced sized plot with Hortus installed still produces a substantial yield and allows for more individuals to get access to horticulture, educating them in the process about the wonders of growing. 

When combining its modern Scandinavian look with its modular features, Hortus doubles as a luxury garden shed while creating a usable, educational and time saving product. For more information on the manufacture and assembly of Hortus email ISLAND8 at


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